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 Neoficialus Muser'ių žodynėlis [en]

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Neoficialus Muser'ių žodynėlis [en]   2010-08-23, 13:36

1. Abso-kecking-lutely: muse-keck-teers word for absolutely using Asbsolution / keck / lutely.

2. Acromusm: (noun) shortening of Muse song and album titles used by musers (i.e. OoS, TIRO, FAWY…)

3. Amusement: (noun) Way for musers to pass the time by creating funny and piss taking captions for random muse photos.

4. Animuseary:
- The yearly celebration of the first time you ever heard Muse.
-The anniversary of when you joined the Muse message boards.
-The yearly celebration of your first Muse concert.
-The yearly celebration of an epic Muse performance or release of a concert-style Muse dvd. (i.e The RAH Animusery , and the H.A.A.R.P Animusery.) Usually to celebrate one holds parties or has a gathering with friends where they watch the dvd’s and/or listen to the songs that were played at the show.

5. Arbellionomise-to add arpeggios of the Muse variety to one’s own song.

6. Arbellionomist-one with an affinity for arpeggios (especially those in Muse songs)

7. Arbellionomy-the study of arpeggios (especially those in Muse songs)

8. Assassin technique: frenetic drumming technique only to be attempted by experienced drummers as people often ends up hitting themselves in the head and in a coma.

9. Balloonatic - A person who is in the late stages of Musenitus or other Muse related diseases.

10. Banana:
- A Muslim delicacy. Originally Originating from the Origin of Symmetry.
- A main component of diet for Bellamy.

11. Bananagram: an anagram that is devoid of meaning and placed strategically for muse fans to slip upon while chasing after clues. The purpose of which is to provide the band with entertainment; usually provokes a point and laugh response.

12. Bellafling: contrary to the common thinking this is a not a sexual or enamoured related term. It is the action of flinging your guitar (usually a manson – see U.F.M for ref) and it landing on your unsuspecting band mate resulting in a few injuries.

13. Bellamism- the act of loving Matt Bellamy.

14. Bellamist- One who loves Matt Bellamy.

15. Bellamology- a study of conspiracy theories related to exo-politics research that began with Dr. Matthew Bellamy of the Institution of Museism.

16. Bellamy Complex: psychological condition where one believe themselves too short to be sexy. The first documented case was reported at the 2009 NME Awards.

17. Bellamy Syndrome: condition under which an individual falls into a trance whilst playing a guitar solo and ends up on their knees often leaning over their Manson guitar or an amp. This condition has also been referred as a Mansonic trance.

18. Bellamytosis- A disease in which one becomes infatuated with Matt Bellamy. There is no known cure.

19. Brie: cheese delicacy, especially loved by Domnic Howard and Domists.

20. Cabasamania- The love of Morgan’s cabasa.

21. Cabasamaniacs- those who love Morgan’s cabasa.

22. Catachrismic: the type of chrisgasm had when he plays the harmonica.

23. Chrisgasm: A state of arousal or total ecstasy caused by some form of exposure to Chris Wolstenholme, whether pictures, those sexy bass lines or otherwise.

24. Chrisian - Chris worshipper

25. Chrisism- the act of loving Chris.

26. Chrisis- When one cannot get enough Chris.

27. Chrisist- One who loves Chris.

28. Chrisly- normally refers to a piece of clothing or shoe that looks like it should be worn by Chris.

29. Chrismas - The celebration of Chris’ birthday

30. Chrisness- a term used to express the actions caused by one’s “inner Chris”. Can also be used to describe something that relates to Chris.

31. Chrisology- The study of Chris Wolstenholme.

32. Chrisostrophic- Something that is affected greatly, whether good or bad, by influences of Chris Wolstenholme. Usually results in a major change.

33. Chrisotologist- one who specializes in treating Chris addicts.

34. Chrisotology- A branch of medical science that was specifically created to treat Chris addicts.

35. Christ- another name for the awesomeness that is Chris Wolstenholme.

36. Christening - Introducing to the world of Chris obsession.

37. Cockminster: use when referring to an unsolvable problem (this math exercise is a real cockminster)

38. Complete Control - Something required in the early stages of Hysteria.

39. Conspirmattism: The belief of conspiracy theories that Matt believes in.

40. Convert- a term used by Musers when referring to their contribution to the addition to Muse’s fan base.

41. Danism- The act of loving Dan.

42. Danist- One who loves Dan.

43. Danistan- A religious country located east of Cydonia where the Danistanians live.

44. Danistanian- a person who lives in Danistan. Danistan was created as a sort of safe place for those who worship Dan. There have been wars between the Morganians and the Danistanians for years, As the Morganians believed that only those who worshipped Morgan could live in Morgania. However, things are quite peaceful between the two religions.

45. Danness- a term used to describe the awesomeness that is Dan, can also be used to describe anything that relates to Dan.

46. Dawesome- anything awesome that relates to Dom in some way.

47. Dawesomeness: being awesome in a Dom way.

48. Delattation - the deletion of websites due to a mistake made in the HTML.

49. Dom nom nom- Dom’s deliciousness to the eye.

50. Domgasm: A state of arousal or total ecstasy caused by some form of exposure to Dominic Howard, whether pictures, those sexy drumbeats or otherwise.

51. Doministic science: Studying the way that Dom drums.

52. Dominitis- A condition in which the host becomes infatuated with Dominic for no apparent reason. There is no known cure.

53. Dominization- a weekly treatment that those with Dominitis receive in order to suppress their undying love for Dominic.

54. Domish: normally refers to a piece of clothing or shoe that looks like it should be worn by Dom.

55. Domism- The act of loving Dominic Howard. Also known as Howardism.

56. Domist- One who loves Dominic Howard. See Howardist.

57. Domistic disturbance: The act of hurting Dom by throwing guitars or megaphones after him. See Bellafling.

58. Domistrophic- Something that is affected greatly, whether good or bad, by influences of Dominic Howard. Usually results in a major change

59. Domland: It is believed that Dom goes there often, proof of that fact is in every picture or video in which Dom is looking at the ceiling, sky, or appears to not be a part of this world.

60. Domness- a term used to express the actions caused by one’s “inner Dom”. Can also be used to describe something that relates to Dom.

61. Domology- The study of Dominic Howard.

62. Domotologist- One who specializes in treating Dom addicts.

63. Domotology- A branch of medical science specifically created to treat Dom addicts.

64. Eargasm- what you experience when you listen to Muse

65. Educating- a term used referring to the “brainwashing” or the conversion of Muse haters to get them to love Muse. It is different from “converting” in a sense that the people subjected to Muse “education” have already heard of Muse and just choose not to continue listening to them.

66. Epic: (adj.) used by musers to describe an awesome muse song or performance.

67. Faff bag: Refers to a bag of moisturisers, hair gel, and other supposed “metrosexual” self-maintenance products. One such faff bag is the property of Dominic Howard. The size of a faff bag can vary from a toiletry bag to a small suitcase.

68. Fillip: to be stimulated or aroused by Muse.

69. Fillipino:
-One who exposes themselves to Muse for the purpose of being stimulated, or aroused.
-One overly obsessed with Fillip, i.e.; learning to play it, singing it, etc.

70. Forameus - to add an easily solved anagram to a song for ‘teh lolz!’

71. Funnylaugh: An infectious laughter usually caused by the phrase “sit-the-f**k-down” (as made famous by Matt Bellamy).

72. Gary Wolstenhole: the result of combining the two names people have mistakenly used at least once when referring to Chris Wolstenholme in articles and other things of the sort.

73. Gimmebackmehmicness- a word used for those times when Matt steals Dom’s mic.

74. Guitar Magnetism - A strange skill possesed by Dom, where all of Bellamy’s guitars lust for him, often controlling Matt to propel themselves at Dom, hoping to be assimilated into Dominic “Super drum basher 3000″ Howard.

75. Howard Syndrome: condition where an individual gets really chuffed but gets flustered and faff about when given a microphone.

76. Howardism- See Domism.

77. Howardist- One who loves Dom. Also known as a “Domist”.

78. Hulla - term used to describe something’s likeness to the promotional photographs found in a booklet inside the Hullabaloo Live at Le Zenith DVD.

79. Hullabaloons: the balloons that were usually released during bliss in the origin of symmetry tour.

80. Kirkbot: cyber version of teh kirk.

82. Lookitwhat upwhereness- a term used when referring to all the pics and other moments when Dom is looking at the ceiling instead of at the camera.

83. MAA- Muse Addicts Anonymous. A class that was originally created to cure Muse addicts of their addiction, but eventually began to fuel the fire of their passion. This class no longer exists on file as its original purpose has been overlooked.

84. Majbella: Matthew Bellamy’s alias. In secret, he dresses up in high heels and feathers and scarlet lipstick, and does quivering falsetto numbers in a smoky little clubs, complete with varnished rosewood cigar holder and powder puffs under the guise Majbella De Von Mabel.

85. Mansonist: worships Hugh Manson/his guitars.

86. MASA- Matt’s conspiriacy theories of NASA and his fascination with the super computer, H8.

87. Matemamus bellameus- a bug that is known to carry and spread Bellamytosis.

88. Mattack: Assault on another person by usual throwing yourself at them or on their drumkit.

89. Mattastrophic- Something that is affected greatly, whether good or bad, by influences of Matthew Bellamy. Usually results in a major change.

90. Mattastrophy- used to describe something that is affected greatly, whether good or bad, by influences of Matthew Bellamy

91. Mattery: noun used to refer to a useless skill like spelling the alphabet backwards or saying the word Floccinaucinihilipilification really fast.

92. Mattgasm- An overwhelming side effect of Bellamytosis. Includes a strong sense of elation and lust!
-A state of arousal or total ecstasy caused by some form of exposure to Matt Bellamy, whether pictures, music or otherwise.

93. Mattish: normally refers to a piece of clothing or shoe that looks like it should be worn by Matt.

94. Mattland- A very unpredictable theme park for teens and adults which features a slew of ever changing rides and a sign outside the entrance that reads: “Please enter at your own risk. Matt or anyone else at Mattland will not be responsible for deaths, kidnappings by aliens, Llama bites, or any other unfortunate event that may occur. You have been warned.” Also, please keep an eye on your small children, as this is a theme park meant for older teens and adults we will not be responsible for anything that may happen to your young ones, thank you. ~Mattland staff.

95. Mattness- a term used to express the actions caused by one’s “inner Matt”. Can also be used to describe something that relates to Matt.

96. Matt-o-Caster (MoC): A guitar built in similar fashion to Matthew Bellamy’s Mansons.

97. Mattologist- One who studies all aspects of Matt Bellamy.

98. Mattology- The study of Matthew Bellamy.

99. Mattotologist- A branch of medical science specifically created to treat Matt addicts.

100. Mattress:
- an adroid woman designed exclusively for Matt Bellamy’s use.
- A mistress of the muscle museum.
- A sorceress of great power with control over supermassive black holes.
- A lock of hair belonging to Matthew James Bellamy. Typically in Black but also comes in Red, Mousey Brown and other derivative shades which are artificially coloured;
Often the subject of much debate across the Muse board, usually suggesting that Matresses in the past were better than they are now.

101. Maughism: The love of Matthew Bellamy’s laugh.

102. Mews flash: news but muse related and instantly fascinating.

103. Morgania- A religious country located north of Museville.

104. Morganian- a person who lives in Morgania. They usually worship Morgan, but all people who love Morgan in some way are welcomed.

105. Morganism- The act of loving Morgan.

106. Morganist- one who loves Morgan.

107. Morganness- a term used to describe the awesomeness that is Morgan, can also be used to describe anything that relates to Morgan.

108. Muse:
-To think or meditate in silence, as on some subject.
-Any goddess presiding over a particular art.
- English word that can be found in the dictionary between the words “Muscle” & “Museum”.
-One of, if not the, greatest bands ever to originate in the U.K.

109. Muse Dealer: Places where musers go for a muse fix by downloading free pictures or music. The 2 most well known dealers are muselive,com &

110. MuseDad: dad who shares a love of Muse with their kids.

111. Musedar: what immediatly tunes you into a conversation/ the tv/ the radio/ the internet.. as soon as something muse related is mentioned.

112. Museicians- a term used when referring to other bands who, like Muse, have grasped the concept of “true music”.

113. Museism- The act of loving Muse.

114. Museist- a person, or persons, who love Muse.

115. Museless- to be without Muse; Muse deprived.

116. Muselessness- the act of being Muse deprived.

117. Muselim- a religion where people worship Muse.

118. MuseMom: mom who shares a love of Muse with their kids.

119. Museness- a term used to express the Muse moments in life. Can also be used to describe anything that’s in relation to Muse.

120. Musenitis- an incurable disease in which the host finds themselves abnormally addicted to Muse.

121. Museologist- one who studies all aspects of Muse.

122. Museology- The study of all aspects of Muse.

123. Museotologist- one who specializes in treating Muse addicts.

124. Museotology- a branch of medical science specifically created to treat Muse addicts. It is the main branch and has been up and running for several years. Originally created in 2001 when a famous Museologist, Gaia Polloni, discovered a strange phenomenon which she called “Museism” in which many people were infected with an incurable disease, now known as “Musenitis”. She has created a serum which cannot cure the disease, but is able to suppress it for some time. Those who have Musenitis are expected to live long, Muse-obsessed lives, and may even spend most of their earnings on Muse related goods for no apparent reason. The serum is able to decrease the obsessiveness, allowing the host to be a bit more responsible with their money, while not actually destroying their love for Muse completely. The main branch now has 3 sub-branches, each one specifically designed to deal with one of the three parts of Muse. So far thousands of people have been saved, and their bank accounts are grateful.

125. Muser- a term that is usually used to describe those who are devout Muse message boarders, but can also be used to describe all who are devoted to Muse.

126. Muserphernalia - Miscellaneous Muse items, especially the set of equipment required for Musery.

127. Musery- the act of spreading Museness around.

128. Musetastic- fantastic in a Muse kind of way.

129. Musette’s syndrome – condition that causes an individual to uncontrollably swears in the middle of a song (ref. see radio 3 incident)

130. Musevangelist- a branch of the Muse religion. They differ from Muselims as they do not reside in Museville and they tend to stray from the Muselim’s teachings. The Musevangelists dwell in Cydonia and unlike the Muselims, find it best to convert them at an early age.

131. Musevilla - The natural habitat of a Muser. Usually contains countless posters, CDs, bits of Bliss balloons and other Muserphernalia.

132. Museville- The gathering place for Muselims, located in the City of Delusion, across from the Cave just past the Muscle Museum. If you find yourself in Cydonia, you’ve gone too far.

133. MuseVirgin: a relatively new Muse listener who has not yet experienced a Musegasm.

134. MuseWhore: a long time Muse fan who has experienced Musegasms on more than one occasion and loves it.

135. My00se: alternative term used by musers to refer to the band Muse.

136. Nomnomability- Something pleasing to the palate. Can be used in relation to pretty much anything related to Muse. E’g. ‘Seen that photo of Matt? Phoar!! Maximum nomnomability!’

137. Noob- Someone newly into Muse and therefore target of derision from people who think they are waaaay cooler because they’ve been into Muse a bit longer.

138. PMS- PostMuseSyndrome.

139. Pokatitis - The random urge to poke people, especially in the middle of interviews.

140. Pwopa- Typically used in regard to fish, but equally applicable to anything one may regard as sizeable enough or generally worthy of respect; except when used in place of “proper”.

141. Radiohead:
- a classic Muser quote. Like an inside Muser joke.
-A taboo. Should not be used especially when describing Muse’s sound.

142. Radiorgasm- a term used for when Muse is played on the radio.

143. Radiorgy- when Muse is played multiple times on a radio station.

144. Rainbopantism- The love of Dominic Howard’s pants in general

145. Sex face: a particular face that Bellamy would pull during gigs (see example)

146. Shakers- This word is taboo around Morgan.

147. Shite Dress Sense- Pertaining to Bellamy when allowed to choose his own clothes. Or to Dom’s nasty leopard print blouse that he nicked off a granny’s washing line.

148. Shrooms: mind altering substance used by Muse in the early days to take their performance and creativity to a whole new level (effects can be seen on the PiB video). Warning: shrooms should never be taken before jumping in a jacuzzi otherwise you could fall asleep and end up deaf in one ear!

149. Silenchrisinism- a term used when referring to chris’ lack of speech when in an interview

150. Sit the fuck down- what you should do before Dom puts on his mask so you don’t hurt yourself when you fall over laughing

151. Space Demental:
-an act of madness or insanity.
-usually pertains to ones desire to attempt to learn how to play Space Dementia.

152. Spazippism: The love of the sound that Matt’s pants’ zipper makes in Space Dementia.

153. SpiderDom: supposedly Dom’s alter-ego. SpiderDom has made a few appearances here and there throughout Muse’s history.

154. Spiral Ecstatic: Singers take this to lower and broaden their vocal ranges.

155. Supermassive Noob Hole- place where recently converted to Muse types (having been drawn to the band via the Twilight film) will chatter endlessly about how cute whatsisname Edward is and how they’ve been into Muse since like forever etc etc

156. The 3 Muse-keck-teers: The three leading people in the kecking fight against Muse for the Musers wasted time of trying to solve the cockminster of all codes.

157. Teh Kirkism- The act of loving the awesomeness that is Teh Kirk.

158. Teh Kirkist- one who loves the awesomeness that is Teh Kirk.

159. Teh Kirkness- a term used to describe the awesomeness that is Tom Kirk, a.k.a, Teh Kirk. Can also be used to describe anything that relates to Teh Kirk.

160. The 12th Planet (from the Earth Chronicles series) referred as the Muselims’ holy book: translations of the Aramaic tablets that the Torah – which is the base of Islam and Judaism – was originally drawn from. The new translation content that references to “the heavens”, for example, are really talking about space travel.
Matt: “The 12th planet is a planet with a civilization like ours who mined earth – I know this sounds laughable – cloning themselves with a fifth of their intelligence to do the work. It’s been proven we only use a fifth of our brain.”

161. The Bellagate: scandal where the first incarnation of the Muse website was ruined when Matt accidentally deleted the directory in which the website was stored when trying to learn HTML. Matthew James Bellamy was found guilty and prohibited from ever approaching a computer without “pwoper” supervision.

162. To be stimuselated: (expression) to get the inspiration to rewrite lyrics to a band’s song(s), especially Muse, that fit into your daily woe or a specific situation. E.g. Exo-Tour dates, Supermassive Liam Boat, Hate this and we’ll love you & TITS right.

163. Toilet- an object Matt likes to play in.

164. Twatlighter: term used by Muser to refer to Twilight fangirl/boy who believes SM made muse famous and can only cite SMBH or Starlight as Muse songs. (see supermassive n00b hole for reference)

165. U.F.M: Unidentified Flying Manson (see bellafling for ref)

166. Verbal Bellamiria - syndrome where one cannot stop the flow of words coming out of their mouth in the style of Matt in interviews.

167. Vibes- Often used word by Mr Bellamy to describe pretty much anything. E.g. I really like the vibe on that song… Usually accompanied simultaneous flailing of arms.

168. Wafflehome: Not to be confused with “Waffle House”. Is actually a name created for Chris Wolstenholme when one cannot pronounce his last name.

169. WB- hated by Musers on Youtube and around the world.

170. What the keck: what the heck? or WTF?

171. Wolstenholme syndrome: condition by which a person has to uncontrollably move their head in a rocking motion whilst playing an instrument (especially bass)

172. Wolstenholmie - Gangsta way of pronouncing Chris’ surname.

173. Wolstenhomo - (noun) a hairy man who enjoys playing with other men whilst in a shower.

174. Yeah yeah: term that refers to an obscure part of the psyche or the body of some sexual nature. Term used especially when one does it to another sweetly or lovely… However as a result they might end up Agitated.

175. Zetas- beings commonly known as aliens, referenced in Exo-Politics.



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Neoficialus Muser'ių žodynėlis [en]
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